OHM BEVERAGES is proud to be the distributor for Vitalicious Superfood Juice which is locally Made in WA. We also stock a range of premium drinks and snacks available to the retail and hospitality sectors.

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Serving Perth and WA

OHM BEVERAGES was established in 2003, focusing initially on export of Australian Made beverages. Selected items of our product range are sold in different countries in Asia, also New Zealand and Dubai. In 2011 we have also started to distribute our range of drinks in Western Australia supplying to all kinds of businesses in the hospitality and wholesale industry like coffee shops, fruit markets and green grocers, IGA’s, Farmer Jack’s, restaurants, food outlets, convenience stores and petrol stations.

We aim to provide an interesting and innovative range of products Made in Australia. Over 90% of our range is provided in glass . We have decided to phase out PET packaging . PET bottles might be lighter and easier to handle but we all know about the negative impact on the environment worldwide and our health as well since micro plastics become a big problem . Studies from Europe and US have proven now that almost every PET packed beverage carries micro plastic particles, therefore not fit for human consumption.

We will expand our range of products and update our online shop on a regular basis.

New Products

Beloka Mineral Water

Beloka Water is 100% Australian – everything from the caps labels, and boxes are sourced from within Australia, and it is bottled using recycled glass, meaning the water not only tastes great, but is the sustainable, local option too.

Simple Smoothies and Juices

At Simple we’re serious about natural ingredients, no added sugar, and minimising our harm to the environment At harvest time we pick the finest fruit brimming with flavour, and we press or puree it, never using concentrate.

Working With Our Customers

OHM Beverages the number one customer driven specialty beverage distributor by providing extraordinary service to our customers, on behalf of our suppliers, in an environment that prides its self on premium products and expedited delivery.

Why Choose OHM?

Foco coconut water

At OHM we look forward to partnering with new brands. Together we can put your product on the market and do everything we can to make it succeed. We encourage prospective local, national, and international suppliers to contact us to discuss how we can be your Australian distributors.

Our Product Range

Our products are also available for private households / home delivery.