chaokoh coconut water home delivered

Chaokoh Coconut Water is 100% Natural Coconut Water using the best Thai coconuts of the highest quality, combined with intelligent technologies designed to preserve the product’s fresh taste.

Coconut milk is produced by pressing coconuts. The resulting juice is called coconut milk because of the milky colour. The higher the fat percentage, the creamier the coconut milk.

This coconut milk with its fat content of 16% is ideal for use in hot dishes and is used in many different ways in Asian cuisine. In Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, coconut milk is used in curry dishes or in soups. In Western cuisine, coconut milk is also used as a fresh-tasting substitute for cooking cream and crème fraîche.

Chaokoh Coconut water contains no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free and a good source of potassium allowing you to rehydrate naturally!

Chaokoh Coconut Water is also the official coconut water sponsor for Liverpool Football Club (EPL).

OHM Beverages is a whole distributor or can home deliver Chaokoh Coconut right to your door

Carton of 12 Bottles. Gluten & Preservative Free. We offer carton with mixed flavours.