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Dark Heart Juice 325ml


Dark Heart

With pressed apples, pressed beetroot, pressed purple carrots, pressed ginger, and squeezed lemons.

If you avoid using juice concentrates, beetroot juice and purple carrot juice actually taste great! Sweet, nutty, slightly earthy, and blended with pressed apples, ginger root, and squeezed lemons, you can get your vege intake in a delicious way.

Fruit juice Ingredients:
Ingredients:  Pressed apples (68%), pressed beetroot (13%), pressed purple carrots (13%), pressed ginger (4%), squeezed lemons (2%).

Nutrition Information:
Servings per package: 1
Serving size: 325mL

Av. qtys Per Serving
Per 100mL
Energy (kJ) 587 181
Energy (Cal) 140 43
Protein 3.8g 1.2g
Fat 2.1 0.7
-Saturates 2.1 0.6
34.7g 10.7g
-Sugars 28.1g 8.6g
Sodium (mg) 15mg 32mg

12 x 325ml glass bottles