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Native Botanical Tonic Water (300ml)

$53.90 ($4.49 per bottle)

Waterhole Native Botanical Tonic Water

The Waterhole Native Botanical Tonic masterpiece will enliven your taste-buds with a unique mixer never experienced before. The familiarity of tonic water is elevated to a new level with Lemon Aspen, Native Basil and Wattleseed. This pairs beautifully with gins and spirits that are a little citrusy, earthy or herbaceous.  With more complexity, this tonic water holds its own with Navy Strength Gins in particular.  You will have a great time playing and pairing this one.

Tasting notes

Flavour:  A layered tonic that starts with a crisp citrus/grapefruit-like front, followed by the wattleseed smooth caramel/buttery middle note, finishing with the familiar quinine-bitter at the end.

Aroma: Beautiful blend of citrus and grass, like Australia after the rain.

Texture: Super smooth with citrus bittersweet

Pair me with: With a little more botanicals, keep it simple. Juniper/citrus forward and Navy strength gins work well. Vodka and even non-alcoholic cocktails are a treat. This is perfect on its own.

Carton of Qty 12 x 300ml bottles.