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Native Citrus Tonic Water (300ml)

$53.90 ($4.49 per bottle)

Waterhole Native Citrus Tonic Water

Waterhole Native Citrus Tonic is composed for those who enjoy a little zest in life. This tonic is familiar – starting with the Signature, the unique essence comes from selecting the best of Australian citrus such as Finger Lime and Lemon Myrtle.  Enjoy the subtle refinement of this tonic with gins that have citrus notes or add a unique twist to your favourite vodka.

All the best support acts know to deputise. This unplugged, unadulterated tonic is all natural to produce a smooth mouthfeel that makes you want to come back for more.  Your spirit is the star.   

Tasting notes:

Flavour: Clean, crisp citrus with harmonised notes of finger lime and lemon myrtle

Aroma: Unmistakable citrus with a twist of Australia

Texture: Smooth with citrus bittersweet

Pair me with: The perfect accompaniment to your citrusy gin, or add a twist to your vodka or white spirit

Carton of Qty 12 x 300ml bottles.