With pressed apples, pureed white guavas, pureed mangoes, and squeezed limes.

Using only whole-fruit juices, we’re not hiding anything. And we’re happy to share the secret to a tantalising guava blended juice: use white guava, not the more common pink guava. In terms of flavour, white guava is a New Year fireworks display, while red guava is a sparkler on a rainy night.

Fruit juice Ingredients:
Pressed apples (75%), pureed white guavas (13%), pureed mangoes (10%), squeezed limes (2%), pressed black carrots (0.1%, for a natural red colour), Vitamin C (300).

Nutrition Information:
Servings per package: 1
Serving size: 325mL

Av. qtys Per Serving
Per 100mL
Energy (kJ) 668 206
Energy (Cal) 160 49
Protein 3.2g 1.0g
Fat 2.8g 0.9g
-Saturates 2.7g 0.8g
37.8g 11.6g
-Sugars 36.3g 11.2g
Sodium (mg) 17mg 36mg

12 x 325ml glass bottles