These whole-fruit smoothies and juice blends contains different superfood ingredients aimed at a certain function, encapsulated in the names: Cleanse, Radiance, Afterglow, and Hemp Power. OHM’s drinks delivery service will delivery these healthy drinks right to your door.
Plant prebiotics and a high fibre content ensure gut health.
The prebiotic in Simple Superfood Juices is chicory inulin. A prebiotic is a carbohydrate that is not digested in your stomach and acts as a food source for the healthy bacteria in your gut. Many say that taking prebiotics is more important than probiotics (cultured products), because it is likely that many probiotics do not survive your stomach, and cannot attach to your gut wall due to the microflora already attached.
The range is Australian whole-fruit (not from concentrate), and this combined with the chicory inulin and superfoods, provides a high fibre content per bottle, and each achieves the government rating of “excellent source of fibre” or “good source of fibre”.

The flavour is that of a fruit smoothie or juice blend. The recipes were developed so that the superfoods have a complementary flavour to the juices. The prebiotics have no impact on the flavour.

The range is pasteurised and has 18 months ambient shelf-life, like our other products. They are not fermented products.